Our mission

Nine Muse Living is a premier full service real estate and design company that helps its clients find and create their perfect home. We uniquely customize packages to the individual needs. Whether buying or selling a home, looking to fix it to specific tastes, or incorporate fine art into everyday life, we offer professional expertise throughout the process. 


Why "Nine Muse"?

In ancient Greek mythology the 9 muses were daughters of Zeus; goddesses dedicated to the encouragement and support of the Arts. Acting as inspiration for creativity and imagination, they committed their lives to enhancing the arts in every day life. Nine Muse Living shares this mission to incorporate art and design into the daily lives of its clients and their homes. We aspire to take this classic sentiment and transform it into a modern practice.   


About the founder

Mariah Swanson brings a wealth of knowledge from her extensive background in sales, interior design, and the arts. She's able to offer services in all aspects of real estate, home furnishing, and art collecting. Mariah earned her BFA from Parsons the New School of Design and her MBA from Paris School of Business. Working as a licensed real estate agent in Massachusetts, she knows the needs of her clients are not always limited to buying or selling their home. As an interior designer and fine art advisor, she knows how furnishing will optimize a space, so that the home will sell quickly, or so the homeowner will most enjoy living in it. 

Mariah prides herself on providing the highest standards for each project, and her outgoing personality bestows confidence and ease for her clients. She strives to build long-term client relationships, providing them with beautiful spaces of quality and comfort for years to come. 

Nine Muse Living founder Mariah Swanson

Nine Muse Living founder Mariah Swanson